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We are a small business in the wonderful town of Fallbrook, CA. Originally called Kim and Mindy's Paradise Pet Spa, we opened our doors in 2004. After years of dedicated work, owners Kim and Mindy eventually decided to move on to different stages in their lives, but not before finding other groomers who they trusted to take over their grooming legacy. In 2014, under new ownership, the shop officially became labelled Fallbrook's Paradise Pet Spa.

Meet your groomers

Krystal has always had a passion for animals since she was a little girl, always having pets from hamsters to dogs. At 18 years old, in the summer of 2007, she found a part-time job as a dog bather in a cute, small-town grooming shop while also going to college, trying to find out where she wanted to go in life. The owners of this little shop amazed her everyday with their own passion, patience, and kindness to animals. It wasn't easy working harder than she ever had while she trained, made many mistakes, and had doubts about her abilities learning to groom. But as she got to know all the dogs she started to fall in love with them and get attached, and she knew she had found her calling. In 2010 she became a full groomer, and by 2014 she was owner of the little shop she always loved so much.


"I am so lucky that everyday I have the privilege to go to work with dogs that I have known, cared for, and loved over the years." -Krystal

Krystal White


Daria was working in medical billing while pregnant with her daughter before she "fell into" the pet industry in 2005 when her brother and his wife needed a pet bather in their San Marcos, CA grooming business. Within a week they had her training to become a groomer. One of the first dogs she groomed was extremely matted and had not been well taken care of. After being shaved down he felt so good he rolled around for 20 minutes afterwards. She fell in love with helping animals like him and never looked back. She would have wanted to be a veterinarian, but the idea of having to see other people bring their pets in injured or to be euthanized would have left her heartbroken right along with them. So for the next 8 years she managed and groomed at her brother's shop before she ended up parting ways. It was a sad day to leave her clients behind, but "all I can say is... family! I'm sure many of you can understand that!" In 2013 she was hired for a grooming position at Kim and Mindy's Paradise Pet Spa. By 2018 she was partner in owning Fallbrook's Paradise Pet Spa!

Daria Kedroff



Bio coming soon...

Jennifer Quintero


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